Grecale De Luxe 195 h14


    Convertible mechanism with front opening performed by rotating of the backrest and then unrolling the base in a single movement without removing the seat cushions and the backrest. The frame consists of highly-resistant ø 30 tubular steel and it is painted with oven-dried epoxy powders. This model is equipped with already welded bayonets for a quick fitting of armrests and backrest. The bed surface is made of a rectangular electro-welded mesh, suitable for manufacturing sofa beds for daily use, households, hotels and cruise ships. The seat is provided with elastic belts to ensure a better comfort and a soft feel. The backrest in available in the standard and in a cushion-holding version. This mechanism can be combined with a spring mattress (14x190 cm o 14x195 cm) or with a polyurethane foam mattress (13x190 or 13x195 cm).
    The Grecale de Luxe mechanism is CATAS approved (report no. 174414 of 29/04/2014)

Technical specifications

    Depth cm 86
    Distance of the base frame from the ground cm 8/10


    • Mechanism with welded bayonets
    • Standard backrest
    • Cushion-holding backrest and ratchet
    • Backrest split in two
    • Panel locking brackets
    • NEW Armetal bayonets


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